About The mentor

Nitu Mohanka

Chartered Accountant | Business Valuer I Mentor | Finance Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | Start-up Growth Advisor & Enabler | Wellness Trainer | Certified Psychologist I NeuroLinguistic Programming Trainer I Life Coach

Nitu completed her CA in 2006, She has worked with esteemed organizations like Tata Steel Limited, American Express, Avon, Tupperware, ICRA, which gave her invaluable insights into multiple industries and helped her hone her skill-set. 

Her entrepreneurship stint began in 2012 as a Business Consultant. Since then, Nitu has worked with 800+ start-ups In India. 

In 2018, the idea of WErise was conceived. Through this venture, she wanted to help small businesses think out of the box and get a stronghold in the dynamic industry.

She co-founded a tech based startup in 2020 aimed at helping Indian families with homeschooling their kids. After testing the Indian markets for a few months, the idea was retired in 2021. 

Her start-up journey is full of valuable insights and these experiences now help her put herself in the shoes of founders and solve their problems as a startup enabler and advisor. 

When the pandemic hit the world, a lot of people struggled with their deteriorating Mental Health. She too suffered from post-Covid Depression in 2021. Like many of us, that period put a pause in her Career, Growth and Development. But she found a silver lining in this experience and used that period in her life to dive into the world of Mind Management to naturally cure depression and anxiety disorders. 

This endeavour helped her realize the importance of Mental Health and a Growth mindset for people and specially for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs.

What’s Next?

Through NLP, she devised a technique to map her Life Goals into simple achievable Daily Tasks. Now, it’s her mission to help people develop a Growth Mindset and carve out a Success Blueprint for them. She is currently working on the products that will help Entrepreneurs in ensuring their growth trajectory is in check. 

‘Your Business will Rise with Werise.’ That’s a commitment we make to our partner companies as we begin with them the most exciting journey of their lifetime. Starting-up is no piece of cake.